The God Of Elvis

THE NAME CODE 2: THE GOD OF ELVIS, continues the unveiling of Elvis Presley’s secret role as the pagan Messiah of the real God of Creation, the ancient Bull-God, El-BAAL. Hundreds of NAME CODE messages provide the precise explanation of why Elvis is the Messiah Son of David…and why Jesus ‘Christ’ was not.

They reveal the truth behind Jesus’ conception, crucifixion and faked ‘resurrection’.
THE NAME CODE messages reveal who Judas Iscariot really was, and what his name means. In this mission, the Messiah Elvis name-messages are cross-referenced and validated by the name message testimonies of his famous Rock & Roll disciples, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Their names are found to carry hidden NAME CODE messages that mockingly match and mimic each New Testament disciple. Translated into Hebrew, their names interlock and overlap, delivering messages explaining exactly what happened in Galilee and Jerusalem nearly two thousand years ago.

Added to this are the dozens of biographic messages that prophetically tell of the Beatles and Rolling Stones own Rock & Roll destinies.

Further Presley messages confirm what secular archeologists have recently confirmed. Jesus did not come from ‘Nazareth’. That Galilean ‘city’ did not even exist at the time of Jesus’ birth. What is revealed for the first time is where Jesus really came from.

THE NAME CODE 2: THE GOD OF ELVIS, completes the journey begun in the NAME CODE 1: THE GOD OF ELVIS.

It is found that every messianic name and holy title held sacred by Judaism and Christianity is comprehensively mocked or effortlessly appropriated by the rock idol God of Elvis, EL-BAAL.

And then there is the predicted Second Coming of Elvis…

Uncover the fascinating subjects explored in this edition


The God Of Elvis

(534 PAGES)

This volume adds 590 more Hebrew into English NAME CODE translations, building on the messianic messages revealed in THE NAME CODE 1.

Jesus allegedly had twelve famous disciples whose ultimate mission was to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God. The most eminent of them was supposedly Simon Peter ‘the Rock’.

Elvis also has chosen for himself famous ‘Rock’ disciples whom play the roles of ‘the Twelve’, plus Paul of Tarsus, John the Baptist and others.

Enter…THE BEATLES and THE ROLLING STONES… as Rock & Roll Disciples of THE KING.

Far fetched?
Not at all. Not once one has bothered to translate all their names and historic addresses into Hebrew. One theme of the Rock & Roll Disciples’ messages parallels their worldly Rock & Roll fame. The other pervading subject is biblical and cross-references and supports those found in Presley’s own names and addresses.

Take Beatle, John Lennon as ‘John the Baptist’ for example. Align his name with that of his famous childhood home: ‘Mendips’, 251 Menlove Avenue.


TRANS. 1. John, belonging to, it indeed is a custom: men, baptisms. To intone a prayer is one. Whom is to  reside, instead a locust a certainty from to love! Therein is the summit of food.

.גון ל נו נ’ גברים טבילות רן א ש דר ת’ גב רי מ אהוב בו ה אמיר בג

The New Testament Gospels say of John the Baptist:

”In those days came John the Baptist, …and his food was locusts and wild honey.” (Matt. 3:1-4).

“ John appeared in the desert, baptising and preaching…and his food was locusts and wild honey…” ( Mark 1: 4-6)

Sound familiar?

But what about THE ROLLING STONES?

That one is easy. The only ‘rolling stone’ mentioned in the New Testament is the one that supposedly closed Jesus ’Christ’s’ rock-cut tomb. The Hebrew word for ‘rolling’ (‘galili’ גלילי) also has within it the meanings of ‘Galilee’ and ‘Galilean’. With seven ‘Rolling Stones’ listed among the King’s illustrious disciples, one has lots of names and addresses to tell the tale of what really happened in Galilee and in Jerusalem circa 33 CE.

There are also name-messages from Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Little Richard, Bob Dylan…plus Priscilla Presley, Colonel Tom Parker…

It is as if the God of Elvis was saying, “I know it is only rock an’ roll…but I like it.”