The Path To Graceland

THE NAME CODE 4: THE PATH TO GRACELAND is the fourth volume in the series investigating THE NAME CODE phenomenon.

The volumes, THE NAME CODE 1 & 2: THE GOD OF ELVIS, introduce the messianic claims of rock-idol Elvis Presley by way of more than 1,000 long-hidden name-code messages. They prove him to be the earthly manifestation of the ancient pagan rock-idol Bull-God, EL-BAAL. They graphically illustrate how Elvis usurps and fulfills the biblical titles of Messiah Son of David, Rod out of Jesse, Star out of Jacob, Shiloh… and more. He can do this because EL-BAAL exits, Yahweh-Jehovah does not…and Jesus is long dead and gone.

THE NAME CODE 3. HIDDEN MESSAGES IN THE BIBLE & KORAN uncovers the trail of hundreds of abusive hidden Bull-God EL-BAAL messages that infest the Old Testament, New Testament and Koran like a deadly virus. They extend from the front covers of these alleged ‘Holy Texts’ through every Gospel, Book, and Epistle. They tell the same story. There never was a ‘Sinai Covenant’ with a ‘Moses’. Yahweh-Jehovah does not exist. Jesus is dead…And ELVIS LIVES.

THE NAME CODE 4: THE PATH TO GRACELAND uncovers yet another trail of prophetic biographical NAME CODE messages that are encoded in the names of every American President, and every British, Australian and Israeli Prime Minister. From Washington’s war against King George III of Britain, to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Nixon and Watergate. Bush and the Iraqi War. Trump and the ‘fake news’. From Walpole to Churchill, and Thatcher. From Ben Gurion to ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu. All these leaders have secret name-messages woven through their names.

Why them? Why are the messages there? What is their purpose? Where do they lead? Ultimately answers are found.
Ultimately all roads lead to…ELVIS.


Uncover the fascinating subjects explored in this edition


The Path To Graceland

(476 PAGES)

THE NAME CODE 4 presents the evidence that prophetic messages also are found in the names of every President of the United States of America, plus the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel.


Seemingly, at first. So, let’s start with ‘George Washington’. He was both the first national president and ‘President George’ in history. He won fame and then the presidency by defeating overbearing old King George III of Britain in the American War of Independence.


TRANS. 1. A President is George! A foreigner then is overbearing old King George III.

נשיא ג’ורג גר ו גא ישן נשיא ג’ורג ג

King George III was then a ‘foreigner’ because he was no longer the king or citizen of his former American colonies.

Abraham Lincoln’s name-message details his assassination.
Theodore Roosevelt’s anticipates his building of the Panama Canal.
Richard Milhous Nixon’s name is infested with ‘Watergate’ messages.
Boris Johnson fights for BREXIT.

American President, George Walker Bush had a different enemy from George Washington. Bush feared Iraqi missiles and weapons of mass destruction. That is why he ordered the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In biblical times ‘Iraq’ was known as ‘Babylon’.


TRANS. 2. A President is to fear also a missile, Babylonian. Good to destroy. Therefore, overbearing is old President George!
From a missile …by is destruction / by is annihilation. Good to destroy. Then proud is old President George Walker B.

נשיא גור גם טיל בבלי ט’ מגר ו גא ישן נשיא גורג מ טיל בבלי ט’ מגר ו גא ישן
נשיא ורג מטיל ב.

So, what is the connection between all these leaders and…Elvis Presley? Or the ancient Bull-God EL-BAAL?
Read the NAME CODE books and find out.