Hidden Messages In The Bible & Koran

THE NAME CODE 3: HIDDEN MESSAGES IN THE BIBLE & KORAN is the third volume investigating THE NAME CODE phenomenon.
The suggestion that hundreds of long-hidden messages exist within the Koran’s and the Bible’s ‘holy’ texts seems farcical. If they existed, surely someone would have found them before. But obviously not.
All the main biblical characters have messages hidden in their names: Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Abraham, Moses, King David and all his reigning descendents.

Jesus ‘Christ’ and all his disciples also provide many name- messages. In fact, more than 850 Hebrew-into-English name-messages are illustrated. They infest the ‘holy’ scriptures of the Bible and the Koran from their front covers to their closing pages. They are scrawled like abusive graffiti in every gospel, book, and epistle. Their message is constant.
The God ‘Yahweh-Jehovah / Allah’ does not exist.
There never was a Covenant with a ‘Moses’ on Mt Sinai.
Jesus is long dead and gone.

The real God of Creation and of the Hebrew patriarchs was the ancient pagan rock-idol Bull-God, EL-BAAL. And now EL-BAAL is back to claim what is his. To this end he manifested himself in the flesh as the singing rock-idol ELVIS. Elvis is even mentioned by name, by occupation, and described by life circumstance.

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Hidden Messages In The Bible & Koran

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One might think it impossible that secret messages could have been hidden in these much studied ‘Holy Texts’. But one would be wrong. Take ‘Moses’ for example. He is most famous for allegedly meeting with Yahweh (‘HaShem’) on top of a desolate mountain. He stayed there for forty days to receive the Law.  (Exodus 24: 12-18) An accurate but condensed account is to be found encoded in just the three letters of Moses name. (משה)


TRANS. 1. Moses, the fame from, it lingered! There is Moses, the desolate / the waste which is alas there. Moses, the reputation is 40 he stayed there. Since the Ineffable Name, HASHEM, from he stayed there 40, because it is the Law which is from. Moses, God; Forty he stayed there. He left.

משה ה שם מ שהה שם משה ה שמם ש הה שם משה ה שם מ שהה שם מ ש”ה השם מ שהה שם מ ש”הה ש מ משה השם מ שהה שם מש

The name-message initially seems very supportive of the full biblical story, but that is the way the messages are delivered.

One message describes the situation as it is commonly perceived by the faithful. Then more comprehensive messages explain the real events of the era. The Bull-God EL-BAAL name-messages are found to infest the THE BIBLE and KORAN like a deadly virus. MOSES, THE PROPHET MOSES, MOSES ’Rabbenu’, MOSES SON OF AMRAM SON OF KOHATH… SAUL, KING DAVID, SOLOMON, REHOBOAM, JEREBOAM…JERUSALEM, ERETZ ISRAEL, … All these names and titles deliver messages.

And then there is Jesus. His names and titles provide a deluge of messages.  Just the name ‘JESUS’ (ישו) read forward and in reverse provides the message: “Jesus, also who is God…”  (ישו ו ש יי) That, at first, seems totally supportive of the biblical narrative. But when one adds his claimed titles, such as  MESSIAH JESUS, JESUS CHRIST, MESSIAH, SON OF DAVID: JESUS, one can access the full negative messages. Jesus could not walk on water where others had to swim. And Jesus did not die on the cross. He was rescued alive. A huge amount of historic information is encoded in the forward and reverse readings of the names and epithets of Jesus’ disciples. ( e.g. Simon the ‘Rock‘, Judas ‘Iscariot’, James and John ‘Sons of Thunder‘, Simon the ‘Canaanite’…)

More than 700 NAME CODE  Bible messages state their case and lead to the same conclusion.
There is no ‘Yahweh-Jehovah’. There was no ‘Moses’ on a mountain. Jesus as ‘Christ’ is a fallacy. The ancient Semitic rock-idol Bull-God EL-BAAL is the God of Creation, and the singing Rock-Idol ELVIS is his messianic Son.

But can one be absolutely sure?

Certainly. After all, Elvis is named and his life and death circumstances are accurately described. It is all in THE BIBLE.